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The September/October (12.5) issue of xDev Magazine is now available!

Here's a quick preview of what's inside!

In-App Notifications by Sam Rowlands
Using a timer to update user-interfaces is a good idea. But Sam's got a better one: ager! borrowing from a Obj-C technique, he's created an in-app notification system so your objects can talk to each other and be notified when they need to be updated.

Writing Apps for Game Center: Part 2 by Tom Baumgartner
In Part 2, Tom explains how to request a match in real-time games.

Inside HandleSpecialURL by Christian Schmitz
Web Edition provides a full web server that can handle custom URLs via the HandleSpecialURL event. Christian demonstrates how to use this to create your own REST-like API.

Yosemite Ready? by Sam Rowlands
Mac OS X Yosemite is coming this fall. Are you ready for it? Sam provides some tips and techniques to get your Xojo app ready now.

Plus columns on object-oriented programming (SimpleDraw demo app), coding styles, database design, Xojo tips, meet a Xojo game developer, Regex conditionals, and much more.

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Issue 12.5 ("Yosemite")

Issue 12.4 ("Game Center")

Issue 12.3 ("XDC 2014")

Issue 12.2 ("Inefficiencies")

Issue 12.1 ("Smart Localization")

Issue 11.6 ("Apple About Box")

Issue 11.5 ("Weeds")

Issue 11.4 ("Blackjack")

Issue 11.3 ("XDC")

Issue 11.2 ("PDF")

Issue 11.1 ("PDF")

Issue 10.6 ("Retina")

Issue 10.5 ("Real World 2012")

Issue 10.4 ("Extreme Programming")

Issue 10.3 ("Hashes")

Issue 10.2 ("Assumption Approach")

Issue 10.1 ("Reporting")

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Latest Xojo Headlines

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October 31, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
64-bit Ready
Yesterday someone asked the state of our 64-bit preparation. Well, while Xojo does not have 64-bit support, we can already build our plugins for 64-bit. Of course without a Xojo version to test and a SDK supporting 64-bit this is more a challenge an... [More]
October 30, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Code Signing FileMaker Runtimes
We just verified today: Our code signing script and instructions for signing FileMaker runtimes work for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Xcode 6. For steps, please check old article: Code Signing FileMaker Runtimes So for the next time, we are save. ... [More]
October 29, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Xojo UK User Group Event - Birmingham, November 13-14 2014
The Xojo Developers UK User Group is pleased to announce a two-day event on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November 2014, at a new venue this year - the offices at 77 Paradise Circus, Queensway, Birmingham UK, B1 2DT. On Thursday you can learn about ... [More]
October 28, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Conference offer ending soon
At the recent conferences, we offered licenses with special conference prices to attendees of the conference. A little thank you for coming. Well, if you like to use the offer, be sure to be quick as it expires with the month's end. Everyone else ha... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
The real value of conferences is meeting people in the lobby and later at the bar. The sessions are nice and you may learn something new, especially if you are new to a topic. So this month I visited three FileMaker conferences and meet more than 40... [More]
October 27, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.4pr7
New in this prerelease of the 14.4 plugins: Added more AVFoundation functions for Mac OS X 10.10. Fixed memory leak with extra study data in RegExMBS class. Updated DynaPDF to version Updated EyeOnePro4MBS class to be compatible with ne... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 4.4pr7
New in this prerelease of the 4.4 plugins: Rewrote StoreRegistration feature to work on Mac and Windows. Added RegEx functions. Added EyeOne functions. Fixed bug in QLPreviewPanel.Resize and QLPreviewPanel.Move functions. Updated DynaPDF to version... [More]
October 25, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
My Case Study
Not sure if you read it already, but my case study is already five years old: xojo.com/community/casestudies/monkeybread.php You notice? The text says 26000 functions, but that already doubled! If you want to tell your story, please contact Dana ... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
ExecuteSQL and getting error details
If you like to use SQL queries in FileMaker for a built in database, you normally use ExecuteSQL function. Now if you run something like this: ExecuteSQL ( "select * from MyTable"; " "; ¶ ) Now if there is no table with that name of an other... [More]
October 24, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Xojo for iOS
All Xojo Pro users are invited to join the beta program and take a look on the xojo forum. Something interesting may be there. And I think Xojo engineers appreciate a little bit feedback. ... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Greetings from FileMaker conference in France
Currently I enjoy the french FileMaker conference in Toulouse: The first time I made a presentation with a little bit french about my MBS Plugin. ... [More]
October 23, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Offline Xojo Training with Xojo Trainer
BKeeney Software announces offline Xojo Training Video application. Xojo developers have had the ability to stream many hours of video from our Xojo Training web app at http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/ for years.  Thousands of Xojo and Real Stud... [More]
October 22, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
The 2015 Xojo Developer Conference
Just one month left to save $250 on a ticket with the early bird offer. Already over 50 people signed up for the conference, so it may sell out like last year The 2015 Xojo Developer Conference will take place April 29 - May 1, 2015 at the Radisson... [More]
October 21, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
iOS will require 32/64bit apps
Apple made an announcement for developers recently: 64-bit and iOS 8 Requirements for New Apps Starting February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK, included in Xcode 6 or lat... [More]
October 20, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
New for Mac OS X 10.10 in MBS Xojo Plugins
We already have a few improvements for MBS Xojo Plugins for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite: NSOpenPanelMBS: canDownloadUbiquitousContents and canResolveUbiquitousConflicts properties. NSUserNotification improvements: New NSUserNotificationActionMBS clas... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Mac OS X 10.10: 64-bit only Frameworks
As Xojo and FileMaker both wait for 64-bit support, we more and more feel the pressure from Apple to move to 64-bit. With Mac OS X 10.10 the following frameworks are 64-bit only and can't currently be used for plug-ins in FileMaker Pro and Xojo: Ac... [More]
October 14, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
For years we’ve been doing some basic checking in the WebSession.Open event of our Xojo web apps. First, we check to see how many open sessions we have and if it’s over a preset number.  The second check we do is … Continue reading →... [More]
October 13, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Subclassing vs Extends vs Containers
Xojo is really powerful because it gives you multiple ways to create really powerful controls.  Today I’ll discuss subclassing, extends, and containers. Subclassing First, subclassing a control is really easy to do.  Create a new class and set the su... [More]
October 10, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
New Video: ServerSockets
As a companion piece to the video from earlier in the week we added a new 38 minute video today on using a ServerSocket that allows your Xojo application to communication with multiple client apps that are using TCPSockets.  It turns … Continue... [More]
October 08, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
New Video: TCPSockets
Today, I added a new video to our Xojo training area. This new video guides you through the steps to using TCPSockets in your Xojo applications. In this nearly 90 minute video we create a sender application and a receiver … Continue reading ... [More]
October 07, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Grace, Jack, and Skinny Pete
via Instagram http://ift.tt/1uyLAGU... [More]
October 06, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Really, Amazon?
via Instagram http://ift.tt/1q2BA2n... [More]
October 02, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Data Paging Control
A lot of Xojo developers don’t give too much thought to how much data they’re loading into a listbox. For many desktop apps a couple of thousand rows is not uncommon and, frankly, not a big deal. Push that to … Continue reading →... [More]
September 09, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
Computed Properties
Computed Properties have come up several times in the past week and in both cases, the person I was talking with was having a hard time understanding them.  They are a useful tool in Xojo in the right circumstances.  So … Continue reading ͛... [More]
September 03, 2014
  (Blog: Bob Keeney)
ARGen 1.6.3
BKeeney Software released a new version of ARGen today.  ARGen is an ActiveRecord class generator for Xojo and Real Studio.  It allows you to generate all of the classes required to use ActiveRecord in your projects. Version 1.6.3 Fixes a CubeSQL bug... [More]

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